Dec 2, 2012

iPhone 5 "jailbreaked"?

What will the jailbreaking of iPhone 5 bring to you? Root access and various tweaks and apps that are not allowed in App Store.
Now, it seems that hacker has successfully bypassed the apple store

Just type the following URL in your unjailbreaded iPhone or iPad(iOS 6.0.1 tested) safari.
And iOS will install an app without ever going to the App store.

If you don't have iPhone on your hand, you could download the App here, and open it on your computer with iTunes and sync this app to your iPhone without ever authorizing with any App Store.

Here're the images.
 1) Visit"" in safari.

2) Pop up windows

3) Click install and start to download

If error happens(unable to download), click retry. This is due to the connection to my crappy server.
This might take a few minutes.

4) Congrat! This is the first app on your iPhone without downloading from app store.

Images are captured on a iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.1 without jailbreaking.

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